Trump and Biden take part in separate town halls, here's the takeaway

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Critics slam NBC town hall that looked  more like a 'debate,' ABC for pitching 'softballs' to Biden
Critics piled on NBC News for devoting its town hall to what appeared to be a "debate" between President Trump and moderator Savannah Guthrie, while Democratic nominee Joe Biden was lobbed "softballs" at his ABC News town hall.

Viewers who tuned into the Peacock Network expected to hear questions from voters. However, Guthrie spent most of the first 20 minutes grilling Trump on masks and White supremacy.

That didn't sit well with many observers.

"How long will NBC go before giving an actual voter the chance to ask a question?" asked pollster Frank Luntz, who later called the "town hall" descriptor of the program "false advertising." CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.
In other developments:
- ABC's George Stephanopoulos avoids explosive Hunter Biden report during Biden town hall
- NBC town hall attendee goes viral after she compliments Trump: 'You have a great smile'
- Dan Gainor: Trump had to debate Guthrie at ‘town hall’
- Biden reiterates plan to convince Americans to wear masks
- Celebrities react to Trump and Biden's dual town halls
- Biden's court-packing 180, says he will now tell voters his stance before election

House GOP asks FBI if Hunter Biden's alleged laptop its possession during Trump's impeachment
House Republicans are questioning whether the FBI had a laptop in its possession that purportedly contained emails by Hunter Biden during the impeachment of President Trump -- and claimed the agency committed a “gross error in judgment” if it did not inform the White House.

Trump was impeached by the Democratic-controlled House but later acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
- Hawley: Americans ought to be able to sue Twitter, Facebook over blocking Hunter Biden report
- Levin rips 'Biden mob family,' says purported emails to Hunter from Burisma brass 'sound like a valentine'
- Trump slams Biden over reports Hunter Biden introduced Burisma exec to VP dad: 'Totally corrupt'

Twitter announces new censorship policies Thursday after Hunter Biden report imbroglio
A top policy executive at Twitter announced policy changes at the social media giant late Thursday after the company faced its toughest allegations yet of censorship in order to protect Democratic candidates.

Vijaya Gadde, the legal, policy and trust & safety lead at the company, announced that some of the changes will include its approach to “hacked content” and how it shares links on its platform.

“All other Twitter Rules will still apply to the posting of or linking to hack materials, such as our rules against posting private information, synthetic and manipulated media, and non-consensual nudity,” she posted. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
- Mainstream media ignores, downplays New York Post bombshell on Hunter Biden
- Twitter's double standard emerges after NY Post Hunter Biden story blocked, other media get pass, critics say
- Tucker Carlson: New emails reveal exactly what Burisma wanted from Joe Biden


- Adelson shells out $75 million to pump up pro-Trump super PAC in final stretch
- Liberal group calls for Feinstein to stand down from Judiciary Committee role after Graham hug
- ABA, Barrett allies laud nominee as 'brilliant' as Democrat witnesses warn of 'real-world harm' if confirmed
- Scott Peterson family reacts to his case being reconsidered by California Supreme Court
- Delta Air Lines passenger claims she woke up to pastor urinating on her
- Braves move within one game of World Series with win, Houston shocks Tampa Bay with walkoff

- Trump's election-eve drug discounts for seniors get snagged
- US senators ask Amazon if it tracks employees, curbs bids to form unions
- Pelosi, Mnuchin reach agreement on Democrats' language for national COVID testing plan

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Tucker Carlson discussed Joe Biden and Ukraine on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, posing the question “Did Joe Biden subvert American foreign policy to enrich his family?”

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