Toll for Virginia express lanes rises over $30 during evening rush hour

Drivers in northern Virginia, navigating the year’s first snowfall, had the option to drive in the express lane during rush hour -- but had to shell out $30 or more for the luxury.


The news station showed a photo of a $30 charge Thursday, reporting that a 36-minute trip cost over $45.

There was no cap on how high the prices could fluctuate based on the real-time traffic demand, a spokesman for the company that manages the express lanes told Fox 5.

“Tolls can range from as low as $0.20 per mile during less busy times, and up to approximately $1.00 per mile in some sections during rush hour. However, rates may rise significantly above the typical range for periods of time in the event of unusually heavy congestion or a specific event like a traffic accident or lane(s) closure,” Transurban, the company, stated on its website.

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