Texas School Rejects Lesbian Couple's Daughter

A Texas couple is upset that their daughter was denied admission to a private school. The school says it does not agree with their lesbian relationship and therefore the school would not be a good fit for her because it does not back her own personal values taught at home.

Jill and Tracy Harrison were married in Canada in 2006.

Last month they filled out admission forms to enroll their daughter, Olivia, into St. Vincent’s Episcopal School.

Jill wrote her name next to the word “mother” on the forms. She crossed out “father” and wrote in “mother” next to Tracy's name as well.

School officials said they assumed Tracy was a man. But after the couple attended parent’s night, Olivia was denied admission.

In a statement, the school said its decision was based on what it considered best for all students and “in conformity with scripture and our own church’s doctrinal standards.”

“We regret the disappointment the mother feels. It is clear, however, that enrolling the child in a traditional Christian school, such as St. Vincent’s School, would not foster her own personal values at home. And it might undermine the moral instruction of our clergy and teachers in the minds of our schools students and parents. Our prayers are with Olivia and her mother,” the school said.

The Harrisons said they picked St. Vincent's for their daughter because friends recommended it and they liked its low student to teacher ratio. Everyone there was also very friendly and helpful.

They are disappointed that their daughter was denied an education there because of their sexuality.

The school claims it would deny admission to children of a heterosexual couple living together outside of marriage, but the Harrisons aren't convinced that's true.

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