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Canadian Police Bust Couple on Terror Charges

Ottawa terror plot reportedly linked to Al Qaeda

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  1. Crumbling Model?

    Growing number of Canadians paying for private healthcare

  2. Report: Terrorists More Likely to Enter Through Canada

    4,000 mile border separates the US from the Great White North

  3. New Travel Free Hits Great White North

    Canada hit with possible $5.50 border fee

  4. Baby Joseph Flown From Canada to U.S. Hospital

    Child's dad on battle for son's life

  5. Muslims-Americans Racially Profiled While Crossing U.S.-Canada Border ?

    Group claims border agents have 'physically' harassed them while trying to cross border

  6. Connecting Detroit and Canada

    Governor's bridge proposal receives mixed reactions

  7. Canadian Model

    How our northern neighbor fits into the health care debate

  8. Model Murder

    Police suspect reality show star fled to Canada

  9. Freedom Watch: 8/19

    Part 4 of 4

  10. Exclusive Look at Upgrades at Northern Border

    New high-tech facility unveiled to secure U.S.- Canada Border

  11. Border Skirmish

    Golfers fuming because Border Patrol wants to close road along Maine- Canada border

  12. Killer System?

    Canadian brain tumor survivor warns U.S. about national health care

  1. Manhunt for Inmate, Accomplice Focuses on Canadian Border

    U.S. marshal helping lead hunt for dangerous duo

  2. Right Prescription?

    Canadian physician on government-run health care

  3. Universal Health Care

    A look at Canada's system

  4. Canadian Parents Fight for Son's Life

    Parents battle courts to keep baby's breathing tube in place

  5. Sanders vs. Sullivan

    FBN's Brian Sullivan takes on Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is urging Dems to use supermajority to pass national health care bill

  6. Spending Your Money

    Sean Hannity's number 3 reason not to cast your ballot for Barack Obama

  7. Charging Mexicans, Canadians to Enter U.S.?

    Fee proposed to fund security measures

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