Suspect Identified in Hollywood Shooting

Officials identified Saturday the gunman who opened fire on a busy Hollywood street but were still searching for a motive behind the brazen daylight rampage, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Tyler Brehm, 26, was shot dead by police after he walked to the corner of Sunset and Vine streets early Friday morning and began firing shots at passing cars and bystanders. Brehm allegedly unloaded about a dozen shots and caused panic in the area before a SWAT team and other police moved in, gunning him down.

The fatal shot may have come from a detective and an off-duty officer working on a movie set nearby.

A 40-year-old music industry executive passing by in a Mercedes was shot in the jaw, the Times said. He remained hospitalized at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in critical condition, but was expected to survive.

Brehm' s identification had been held while police notified his family, the Times said.
Video from the area showed him standing in the middle of the street, dressed in a white tank top and jeans, calmly pointing his handgun and shooting at passing cars.

Following the incident, police searched a number of properties across Southern California connected with the gunman, the Times reported.

Officers have also traveled to man's home to investigate if there were any domestic or other violent incidents before he began his shooting spree.

One witness, Oscar Herrera, told KABC-TV he heard the gunman yelling "I want to die."

"He was just shooting crazy everywhere," Herrera said.