Stolen cross necklace containing teen's ashes returned to father

Last month, Peru resident Mike Arbuckle was the victim of a disheartening crime. His cross containing the ashes of his 19-year-old son, Patrick, was stolen from his truck.

Arbuckle said he never expected to see that cross, or the last remaining trace of his son, ever again. But on Friday evening, he says a miracle happened.

“Where my seat is, where my steering wheel is, it was laying right on the seat right there,” said Arbuckle.

Since the cross was first stolen, he’s been leaving his truck unlocked, hoping whoever stole it would put it back where they found it. And that’s exactly what it appears that person did.

“I lost him once, and then for this to be taken, was like losing him all over again,” said Arbuckle.

He said he’s not sure what prompted the crook to return the precious keepsake.

“I don’t know, maybe he had a guilty conscience or something,” said Arbuckle. “Everything else can be replaced, but this couldn’t have been.”

Arbuckle said last month all he wanted was the cross back, no questions asked and he wouldn’t go to police. Now that it’s back he said he is standing by that promise.​