Snake on a bus: Boa constrictor spotted slithering on the floor

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A four-foot boa constrictor crawled out of its owner's pocket on a public bus in Philadelphia Sunday as passengers bolted, officials say.

The owner said he had also carried on the snake's dinner -- a live rat, inside a box.

26-year-old Koron Riley said his snake somehow got loose and coiled itself under a seat. A mechanic was able to dismantle the seat, allowing a transit police officer to retrieve the boa constrictor and return it to Riley.

The owner told Fox 29 his red-tailed Brazilian boa constrictor was non-venomous. He added, “Usually she falls asleep, but I guess she wanted to crawl around.”

Public transit policy allows riders to bring service animals or small, contained pets onto trains or buses.

Police say they haven't decided if charges will be filed.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.