Sikh middle schooler accused of making bomb threat, held 3 days; mother says he didn't do it

The mother of a Sikh middle school student accused of threatening to detonate a bomb at his Texas school is asking police to drop charges.

Twelve-year-old Armaan Singh was arrested Dec. 11 after Arlington police say he admitted to making the threat while they were questioning him without his parents present. He spent three days in juvenile detention before being released and was suspended from school.

His mother, Gurdeep Kaur, says a classmate asked whether a battery in Armaan's backpack was a bomb. She says he said it wasn't, but the classmate told the teacher he said it was.

Police say Armaan's religion played no part in his arrest. Sikhs are not Muslim, but reports of Sikhs being harassed have increased with the recent rise in anti-Islamic sentiment.