Reputed Philadelphia mob boss Ligambi freed after 2 trials; feds drop case after deadlocks

The reputed boss of the Philadelphia mob is a free man after beating two racketeering trials.

Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi quietly left the city's federal courthouse Tuesday morning with his brother and nephew and jumped into a waiting car.

His release comes after the Justice Department decided not to take Ligambi to trial a third time.

Two juries have deadlocked on the central racketeering charge, while acquitting Ligambi of six lesser counts. A judge on Tuesday dismissed the remaining counts.

The case mostly involves accusations of gambling and loansharking, in contrast to the deadly feuds exposed in past Philadelphia mob trials.

The 74-year-old Ligambi has been in prison since 2011. His alleged underboss, enforcer and others were convicted last year.

Ligambi says he plans to go home and "relax" Tuesday night.