George Floyd unrest: Portland police share photos of items protesters have thrown at them

Portland police in Oregon have released images of the kinds of projectiles they have seen thrown at them during protests.

Following the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd while in police custody, protests broke out nationwide. At times, protesters and police clashed, turning the peaceful protests into violent riots that saw police cars burned and stores looted.

The Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County Sheriff's Office tweeted images of seemingly random objects that they collected following protests, including glass beer bottles, bricks, batteries, ball bearings, garbanzo bean cans and White Claws.

While the objects seem harmless, “at high speeds, these items can be deadly," Portland police said.

The posts come at a time when protesters have called to defund police, which would see officers lose protective equipment deemed essential for their jobs.

“These officers are trying to protect 400 people inside the Justice Center,” the Multnomah County Sheriff tweeted, referring to an incident Friday outside of the Portland Justice Center.

The police deployed tear gas and smoke to clear protesters after deeming that the peaceful protest had become a “civil disturbance” late in the night, according to KATU 2. The police cited the objects thrown at them as examples of the escalating situation.


The Portland police Twitter account posted messages warning the crowd to disperse and asserting that projectiles were being thrown at officers.

The Portland Police Bureau didn't return Fox News' request for comment.