Passing plane may have unloaded used toilet paper over Pennsylvania town

A West Pittston family say they were pelted with waste believed to have been accidentally released from a lavatory of an airplane passing overhead early Monday morning.

Several other properties were also affected, though less severely than the property at 221 Wyoming Ave.

The neighborhood near the intersection of Routes 11 and 92 is filled with well kept properties and front porches seemingly perfect for spending time on a spring day. Monday's incident seemed to deter residents from spending time outdoors and the area seemed temporarily deserted.

Homeowner Paula Viccica said that between 6:30 and 7 a.m., she was went outside to continue some landscaping and observed an plastic pieces and bits of paper falling from the sky.

Suspecting it was waste product from a plane, she called the United States Environmental Protection Agency and was told to call the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As of late Monday afternoon she was waiting to hear back from the FAA regarding the status of their investigation.

Viccica also spoke with officials from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton airport who said they identified four planes who were overhead during the specified time period, and would be further investigating to determine what airline was responsible for the both for the damage and the clean-up.

"Over the weekend we had laid black mulch," said Viccica. "Well, it's not black anymore."
She said she was also concerned recently planted flowers might be affected.