Ohio bar owner allegedly caught assaulting female employee in viral video

An Ohio bar owner is facing an assault charge after a shocking video emerged allegedly showing him attacking one of his female employees.

The footage, which was allegedly captured last Thursday, shows Dale Dean Suter, who runs the Walnut Saloon in Findlay, grabbing bartender Connie Reed during a dispute over signage at the business, her daughter says.

“He was screaming about a sign, because she wanted to make new signs and freshen the place up, and he was just yelling about it, even though he agreed she could make new signs one day, and the next day it was all of a sudden a bad idea,” Miranda Bright told WTOL.



The clip begins with a man, purportedly Suter, saying “I’m the one that signs the f-----g checks….then do what I say, quit making up stories of what I told you.”

A woman who is reportedly Reed responds by saying “I asked you yesterday and you said if I wanted to” – but she's cut off by the man shouting “shut up!”

After the argument escalates further, Reed tells the man “you shut the f—-- up,” to which he replies: “then get out, goodbye! Get your stuff and get out now. Now!”

The man then gets up from his barstool and approaches Reed, who is working behind the counter. Reed is heard saying she will leave, but as the man inches closer, she throws a pitcher of water away and tries to defend herself before being restrained by the man and placed in what appears to be a chokehold.

“It took us over a minute to actually get him off of her, I was trying to grab him and he wouldn’t let go,” Bright told WTOL, noting that she was at the bar to drop off mail. She also claimed that another employee tried to help, but the other patrons just sat there and watched.


Suter was arrested after Findlay Police spoke with witnesses and reviewed surveillance footage, The Toledo Blade reported. He has since posted bond and is set to appear in court next Wednesday.

In an interview with 13ABC, Suter claimed he has been receiving threatening messages since the video went viral, and says the footage only tells part of the story.