Occupy L.A. Stands Out for Camp-City Cooperation

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LOS ANGELES -- Occupy protests in many cities have led to mass arrests, but the 485-tent camp in Los Angeles is marching to a different beat in its drum circle.

Police and city officials established a relationship early on based on dialogues instead of dictates.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa even handed out plastic ponchos one rainy day, and protesters readily comply with demands for more portable toilets and food sanitation.
There have only been a few spontaneous arrests.

The strategy is a departure for a police force still striving to emerge from the shadow of the 1992 Rodney King beating and other police crackdowns.

But a test is coming next week. Occupiers are getting a 72-hour deadline to pack up their camp or face arrest. Even then, remaining protesters will get two more opportunities to comply before they're handcuffed.