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Rodney King

Fighting With the Stars

Fight Game: Mike Straka sits down with dance sensation and country music star Julianne Hough and talks fights

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  1. Ties That Bind

    What is the green movement's interest in health care reform?

  2. Who Is Van Jones?

    A look at President Obama's green jobs 'czar'

  3. Use Your Head: 8/13

    Organized mobs taking over health care debate?

  4. Justice Finally Served?

    Craig Rivera speaks with Mark Fuhrman about O.J. Simpson's sentence

  5. FOX Flashback # 4

    Fall of Saigon; Bush declares end to major combat in Iraq; L.A. riots; U2 shot down; Gehrig ends streak; Ruth says goodbye

  6. Should Teacher Be Prosecuted?

    Teacher apologizes after cell phone video surfaces of her beating 13-year-old student