New York man reportedly issues warning to fellow smokers in his obituary, says not to let life ‘go up in smoke’

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A New York man who reportedly passed away last week after succumbing to lung cancer issued a warning to fellow smokers via his own obituary: “Remember, life is good — don’t let it go up in smoke.”

In the obit penned by Geoffrey Turner, who died on Feb. 13 at age 66, he said that all smoking brought him was a loss of money, time with his loved ones and ultimately, his life, according to the New York Post on Thursday.

“There are so many events and milestones I will not be able to share with my loved ones,” he reportedly wrote. “The moral of this story: don’t be an idiot. If you’re a smoker, quit now — your life depends on it and those that you love depend upon your life.”

Turner only learned months earlier in November that he had the disease, according to the Times Union. The publication reportedly printed his obituary on Saturday.

The avid smoker had carried on with the habit for much of his life despite knowing it was unhealthy and to the dismay of his family, his daughter Sarah Huiest told the outlet.

But since seeing his word of caution to others, Huiest reportedly said her father took “responsibility” for his choices and doesn’t believe she’s “ever been prouder of him.”