A New York City deli worker’s desire to help others has gone viral.

Ahmed Alwan, 20, has created a series of videos on the TikTok app that show some of his customers getting 5 seconds to take anything they want from his father’s store in the Bronx borough – as long as they can correctly answer a math question.

“I started playing this game with little kids a while back and they loved it,” he told the New York Post. “Then I started doing it for some of the poorer people in the neighborhood.”

Alwan said in a separate interview with News 12 that he hopes the clips inspire children to stay in school and do good for others.

“I said, ‘let me entertain people and help people at the same time,’ because I see a lot of homeless people in the streets and the train,” Alwan told the station.


Those in the clips who correctly answered math problems such as 9 x 9 -5 and 7 x 7 +10 are seen frantically grabbing chips, newspapers and headphones from behind the counter as Alwan counts down from five. Other videos reportedly contain gags, such as one customer trying to claim the store’s cat.

Alwan told News 12 that his father has approved the practice and the items that are given away come out of his salary.