New Orleans goes all-out for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras celebrations are coming to a close Tuesday as the costumes, beads and makeup are at their peak in New Orleans.

Parades have been running through New Orleans since the beginning of January. The pre-Lent festivities end just before Ash Wednesday.


Surrounded by bright colors and spirit, Mardi Gras-goers are not allowed to be bored, as Fox 8 found. While there is the occasional moment of downtime, the party doesn’t stop in New Orleans.

Bands and floats make their way down multiple parade routes bringing pure energy and excitement to the city. People of all ages can be found lining the streets indulging in the lively celebration.


The Fat Tuesday party started early this morning. The group aboard the 7 a.m. ferry traveling from New Orleans' west bank to the partying crowds on the east bank was dressed to impress and ready to celebrate.

The passengers were all active-duty or retired military families on the way to the Krewe of Egg’s annual Navy League breakfast. This year’s costume theme was pirates, which was way easier for participant Gerry Leonard than last year’s theme of motorcycle gang members. “You just throw on an earring and you’re good to go,” he told The Associated Press.

The 30 or so people taking the 7 a.m. ferry to Canal Street also had the idea to channel their inner pirates, as well as ballerinas.

Craig Channell was one of just a few without a tutu. He joked that his was in the wash. “This is the one time of year people can act like fools and get away with it.”

The celebration also continues in Rio de Janeiro as the Carnival parade sambas with costumes and floats galore. Competitors have been dancing their way to success at the “sambadrome” since Saturday. The winners, as scored by 54 judges, will receive trophies and epic bragging rights.

The Mardi Gras festivities in NOLA will officially wrap up at the stroke of midnight tonight when police officers on horseback clear the revelers on Bourbon Street. Once the street is cleared, the Mardi Gras season reaches its official end.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.