Mother of Alleged Penn State Sex Abuse Victim 'Sickened' by Sandusky Comments

The mother of an alleged victim in the Penn State sex-abuse scandal reportedly said she is "sickened" by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's claim that he is not a pedophile.

The mother, whose identity is being protected, told ABC News in an exclusive interview Wednesday that Sandusky's attempt to deemphasize the child sex-abuse accusations will not help his case.

"It sickened me, that he would be on TV, trying to downplay his charges," the alleged victim's mother told ABC News. "And I think it made him look more guilty."

Sandusky, who is charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period, had said in a recent television interview that he is "just a jock" who was "horsing around" with young boys.

In an interview with NBC News on Monday, Sandusky denied all of the charges against him and claimed he is not sexually attracted to young boys.

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