Mollie Tibbetts, University of Iowa student, missing: Bill Hemmer dives deeper into the mystery disappearance

On the night of Wednesday, July 18, the small town of Brooklyn, Iowa changed forever.

In a town of just 1,500 people, one of their own vanished when Mollie Tibbetts, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student, went out for a jog and didn’t come back.

Bill Hemmer, anchor of Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” spoke with two reporters -- Andrew Keiper and Cristina Corbin -- covering a mystery that has gripped the nation.

On the latest episode of “Hemmer Time,” the anchor’s podcast, he asked Keiper and Corbin what they have discovered while “hunting for clues and talking to family members, trying to solve the mystery of Mollie Tibbetts.”

They discussed Mollie’s father, Rob, who Hemmer said is “holding onto hope” his daughter will return safely.

“In cases like this, usually people are -- it’s been three weeks, it doesn’t look good -- but our last interview with him, he was very optimistic that not only is she alive, but she’s with someone she knows,” Keiper said.


Corbin also offered some insight into Rob Tibbetts’ thinking, and where he believes his daughter may be.

“Of course, this is speculation at this point -- but he thinks she may have left that home with someone she knew in some capacity, and that person perhaps misunderstood their relationship, took it too far, and is quote ‘in over his head’, as he has told us,” she told Hemmer.

The conservation also touches on other key characters in the story -- Mollie’s boyfriend, Dalton Jack; Dalton’s older brother, Blake; the man who is believed to have last seen Mollie that night, Devin Riley; and Wayne Cheney, a nearby farmer who has spoken with investigators about the case.

But, an important question remains unanswered.

“Why do you believe this story has captured the attention of so many people? Why the story of Mollie Tibbetts?” Hemmer asked.

“I think Mollie was your typical kind of college student. She’s very relatable to a lot of people, they think she could be one of their family members.” Corbin said.

Keiper added: “She could be anyone, she could be my sister, she could be a niece, a daughter, of anyone in America. A really idyllic, picturesque, all-American kind of girl.”

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