Missouri waste company hit over painting American flag on garbage trucks

A Missouri waste hauling company is being criticized for adorning its garbage trucks with the American flag.

According to FOX 2, Freedom Waste, of Farmington, is being criticized for painting its truck with Old Glory.  The image is painted on the part of the truck that crushes garbage, a move some say smells rotten.

The company’s Facebook page has been hit with angry comments from residents upset over the company’s use of the flag.

“I find this company’s use of the American flag very disrespectful. If they wanted to paint it on the side of their truck that would be one thing, but to paint the flag on the part of the truck that actually crushes garbage was a little much for me,” one Facebook user wrote, according to theblaze.com.

“The image of the American flag is covered in garbage day in and day out. I hope that you can possibly share this photo and get enough attention directed toward their company that they decide to change their trucks. Thank you,” the user added.

One user, Mike Giddens, wrote:  “I find it very disrespectful that you use the image of the American flag on the back on your truck to crush garbage. The flag on the side is itself a violation of the Flag Code, but seeing the American flag painted on the part of your truck that crushes garbage . . . that is by far the most disrespectful thing I have seen a business do.”

But others were not offended.

“So sad to see this actually offends ppl. If that’s enough to create news or hatred for some ppl, thats pretty pathetic. Keep truckin’ and keeping the sidewalks clean,” one poster wrote, according to theblaze.com

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