Metal Border Fence in Arizona Town Is Coming Down

NOGALES, Ariz. — The old sheet-metal border fence in downtown Nogales is coming down.

It's being replaced by a see-through, vertical post-style fence.

The Nogales International reports the 2.8 mile, nearly $12 million project has been under way on the outskirts of town since March.

Ground was broken last week in the heart of downtown Nogales for the new fence, leaving a gaping hole just west of the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry.

The Border Patrol said the difference between the new and old fence is agents can see through it.

The government hopes it will discourage people from throwing rocks from the Mexican side because agents will now be able to see their assailants.

Some residents say it doesn't matter what kind of fence is put up. It's still a wall dividing two nations.