Maryland gives students with no AC beds in lounges, ice pops

As temperatures soared this week, University of Maryland students who live in dorms without air conditioning sought refuge in air-conditioned lounges and multipurpose rooms as the school gave out ice pops.

A spokeswoman for the university's resident life department, Tracy Kiras, tells The Baltimore Sun the school's delivered 90 mattresses to the air-conditioned spaces, provided around 400 fans and stocked dorm freezers with ice pops. The four non-air-conditioned halls together house 2,000 students.

While similar measures have been taken in the past, Kiras says the university has employed an extreme effort and "tried as many creative solutions as possible" to help students amid unusually high temperatures.

The dorms without air conditioning are slated to be replaced by new dorms. The university has no plans to equip the existing halls with air conditioning.


Information from: The Baltimore Sun,