Man ditches date, steals her car and uses it to take the woman's godsister to the movies, cops say

A Tennessee man pitching a surprise romantic outing Sunday to a local woman instead ditched his date, stole her car and used it to pick up another woman -- who happened to be his original date's godsister, cops said.

Kelton Griffin, 21, was arrested early Sunday at a drive-in movie theater in Memphis, where Griffin had been enjoying his second date of the day, FOX13 reported.

Griffin’s alleged dating debacle began when he went over to a woman’s house to take her on a date. The woman, who was not identified, agreed to let Griffin drive her car because she didn’t know where the 21-year-old was taking her, police said.

Griffin drove the duo to a gas station, and the woman went in the store to get cigars — giving Griffin enough time to speed off in the car, the arrest affidavit stated.

The woman called Griffin several times, but with no luck. Griffin allegedly blocked her number and blocked her on social media so she would have no way of reaching him.

She eventually called her family to tell them Griffin ditched her at the gas station and stole her car. But soon she found another way to trace Griffin.

The woman received a text message from her godsister saying Griffin asked her on a date and was heading to her grandmother’s house to pick her up. She also texted the woman from the theater.

Soon after, police arrived to crash the date and charge Griffin with theft of property.