Living on a prayer: Nuns known as the Pink Sisters celebrate 100 years of nonstop devotion

The cloistered Philadelphia nuns known as the Pink Sisters because of their rose-colored habits want to make sure that after 100 years of nonstop prayer, their order can keep at it for another 100.

So the Roman Catholic Holy Spirit Adoration sisters have marked their centennial with some quiet outreach.

The sisters live a contemplative, secluded life. But as they get older and their ranks dwindle, they've been taking steps to promote their vocation.

They hung a banner outside their Chapel of Divine Love, inviting in neighbors who hadn't known what the building was used for. They're talking with reporters. And they've invited Catholic women's organizations and schools to speak to the sisters.

Sister Maria Clarissa says they want young ladies to see how beautiful life in the convent is.