Kids stop speeding car after dad loses consciousness

An Arizona teen and her younger brother have been honored for saving their father's life by stopping their speeding car after he lost consciousness while driving. reports that 13-year-old Kylah Woody and her 11-year-old brother Michael were riding with their father when he started to fade in and out of consciousness.

Kylah called 911 and told the operator that her brother was steering the car and that they were traveling on the highway at speeds near 90 mph, the station reported.

The operator identified their location and was able to direct Kylah and Michael off the highway so they could slow the car down, according to the report.

After traveling for more than 10 miles at excessive speeds, the two kids were able to bring the car to a complete stop. Their father was reportedly treated for his low blood sugar.

On Monday, Kylah, Michael and the 911 operator were presented with bravery awards from the Peoria Police Department.

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