Kentucky couple locked adult daughter in cage filled with feces, police say

A Kentucky couple was arrested last week after authorities found their 18-year-old daughter locked in a large wooden cage that reeked of feces and urine, police said.

Richmond police said they responded to a home for a welfare check on Friday. They said Shannon Felix told authorities her daughter suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome – a condition that affects children’s brain development and growth problems from alcohol exposure during pregnancy, FOX 56 reported.

Upon entering the home, police noticed a strong stench that led them to the basement where the daughter’s bedroom was located, according to the station.

The 18-year-old was found locked in a cage with a children’s toilet full of human waste, the station reported, citing police.

The mother allegedly told police she locked her daughter up so she “doesn’t get out and we can get some sleep,” because she tends to get up and walk around at night, the station reported.

Both Shannon, and her husband Tito Felix were arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment and abuse, the station reported.