Judith Clark released from prison after serving 36 years for role in deadly heist

Convicted left-wing terrorist Judith Clark was released from prison on Friday after serving 36 years for her role as the getaway driver in the infamous 1981 Brink's heist, which left three people dead.

Clark, a former member of the May 19th Communist Organization who was sentenced to 75 years to life, was granted clemency by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., in 2016 for being a model prisoner in helping inmates with babies, service dogs and AIDS patients.

Many opposed the 69-year-old's release, including law enforcement officers and the families of Brink's guard Peter Paige and Nyack police officers Edward O'Grady and Waverly Brown, who were killed in a shootout.

Clark told the parole board, which ruled 2-1 in her favor back in April, that she had disavowed her prior anarchist political views, and she offered an apology to the community and victims.

As The Associated Press reported, the board praised her "earning a master's degree, training service dogs for veterans and law enforcement, founding an AIDS education program, securing a college program for inmates and working in a prison nursery mentoring new mothers." The dissenting member of the board cited her crimes, the victims and how May 19th Communist Organization was founded by members of the Weather Underground.