'Jerk' rooster needs new home, frustrated Michigan owner claims in Facebook post

If you’re in the market for a rooster, a woman in Michigan has one she’s looking to give away.

In an expletive-filled Facebook post, Denell McCaul, of Clarksville, Michigan, said that she wants to give away her rooster “FREE to good home. Well, any home really.”

The rooster, which McCaul called an “inconsiderate jerk,” is apparently up bright and early at 5:30 each morning, which the woman said is perfect “if your alarm is broken.” She added the rooster “has no snooze button but will be quiet just long enough for you to fall back to sleep and then he'll start back up with his obnoxious cock-a-doodle-doing right outside of your windows.”

McCaul, who owns several chickens according to another Facebook post, implied the rooster has superpowers.

“It's like he knows where you sleep and can zone in on that particular window so maybe he has some sort of special x-ray vision where he can see sleeping people behind walls,” she wrote.


McCaul also joked the rooster was “an instructor of interpretive dance,” because of the way she looked while chasing the animal away.

“He is also a perfect rooster if you want to start running... around your yard... while you're trying to get away from him,” McCaul said. “He no longer goes after me as he is also an instructor of interpretive dance. Or at least that's what I imagine it looked like as I went after him flapping my arms, jumping up and down, kicking at him, yelling and screaming, and swinging a mop in his direction.”

McCaul concluded her Facebook ad by saying she’ll give away the rooster free of charge, but only if you can catch the animal, as she wants “to see your first interpretive dance lesson.”

As of Tuesday night the post had been shared more than 57,000 times.