GOP & WH - Strange Bedfellows, Good Trade Partners?

The U.S. Senate is expected to pass the so-called “fast track” trade authority for President Obama today. It’s made strange bedfellows as Republicans have teamed up with President Obama on the deal against the President’s Democratic base. It’s expected to allow the President to put forward a 12 nation trade deal that includes Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and Canada.

Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell said, "This has been a long and rather twisted path to where we are today but it's a very, very important accomplishment for the country."

Unions and many progressives don’t agree calling it a fast track to killing American jobs.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal set to enter the race for the White House today. He will be the first Indian American to run for President. Carl Cameron reporting.

President Obama set to unveil a new policy on families negotiating with kidnappers after criticism that the federal government was going after some families for paying ransoms to terrorists.

The French are upset over revelations the United States has been spying on France for years. The revelations come from Wikileaks and published in the French newspaper Liberation suggest the NSA spied on three French Presidents. Greg Palkot reporting.

There’s a big NATO meeting today focused on Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.

The New York Times has new reporting this morning detailing documents they’ve received that give details on the U.S. drone program and how it chooses targets and how closely U.S. government agencies are working with foreign governments to pick targets etc.

We’re going to talk to U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran Ben Colllins today about the fight against the Taliban and how Iran might be involved in helping our enemies in Afghanistan.

Iran is refusing to allow any freeze on long term nuclear research.. further threatening a possible deal to rein in its nuclear program.

Boston Bombing terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be sentenced to death today in Boston. Family members and victims of the bombing will get to address the killer. Molly Line reporting.

It’s been almost exactly a week since white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine in an African American Church. Murdered Pastor and State Senator Clementa Pinckney will lie in state in the statehouse rotunda. Church services will resume tonight with another bible study led by the new pastor.

Meanwhile, the massacre has set off a fierce debate about the future of the Confederate Flag. South Carolina will no longer fly the flag, and several other states are considering removing the controversial symbol. Major retailers have stopped selling the flag.

The manhunt for two escaped murderers continues in upstate New York today. Police are focused on two rugged areas several miles from the prison. There’s a Noon briefing.

President Obama holds an event in honor of gay pride month later today at the White House. A major Supreme Court decision on gay marriage could come this week that would declare gay marriage a constitutionally protected right, and allow gay marriage in every state.

Stocks are headed lower today as there are growing fears about the future of Greece.. today may be the make or break day on a deal to avoid default.

We also get the final revision for Q1 GDP today. It may not have been as bad as we first thought despite the terrible Winter.

Ford launching a new car sharing service!

Netflix stocks is splitting 7 for 1. Investors will be thrilled.