Furlough forecast has fed staffer offering secret message for clearer skies

A National Weather Service employee embedded a secret message in a Friday forecast – one that will assuredly ring true to any furloughed federal employee awaiting the sun-filled, blue skies of a payday.

“Please Pay Us,” reads the encrypted plea, which you can assemble by adding together the first letter of the forecast’s initial 11 lines.

The Washington Post first reported on the code -- called an acrostic – which originated from the National Weather Service’s Anchorage, Alaska, office.

The code was reportedly contained in the 5 a.m. morning forecast for the south central and southwest Alaska regions.

Although the partial federal suspension of services exempts the approximately 3,935 National Weather Service workers from furlough, Dan Sobien, the organization’s president, told The Post, “There’s no money to pay them.

“Nobody knows when anyone’s going to get paid.”

National Weather Service employees were reportedly not shelved because forecasts are considered, “necessary to protect life and property.”

Other news organizations report that the message was taken down in short-order, but still accessible in the Anchorage office’s archives, as of Friday.

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