Friendly moose befriends 2 cows on Vermont farm

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A Vermont couple says their effort to shoo away a moose that appeared to be bonding with their farm's two cows was successful.

Sharyn Abbott and her husband Tim returned to their Sheldon farm recently and found a female moose in the pasture with their two Belted Galloway cows, Precious and Primrose.

The Abbotts told NECN the moose, dubbed "Molly," looked healthy and maybe was just looking for companionship. Tim Abbott says it seemed like Molly simply wanted to hang out with the cows.

In the late 1980s, a moose nicknamed Bullwinkle became a worldwide celebrity when it wandered into a Shrewsbury field, befriended a cow named Jessica and stayed for about three months.

The Abbotts didn't want their visitor to stay that long, so they chased it off.