Freed Ex-Goldman Sachs programmer charged again

Six months after getting a conviction overturned, a computer programmer has been charged again with illegally copying valuable trading software from Goldman Sachs.

Sergey Aleynikov (SUR'-gay uh-LAY'-nih-kawf) was released on $35,000 bail after being arraigned Thursday in Manhattan. This time it was on state, instead of federal, charges.

Defense lawyer Kevin Marino says Aleynikov will fight the new case vigorously. The charges include unlawful use of secret scientific material.

The Russian-born Aleynikov was freed from federal prison in February. He was serving a more than eight-year sentence.

Federal prosecutors said he took computer code to help his new business. He said he just tried to copy parts of the software that came from public code.

A jury convicted him in 2010. Then an appeals court said a federal law used to convict him was misinterpreted.