Fred Flintstone? Michigan Man Tries to Use Feet as Brakes

A Detroit-area driver was arrested after he tried using his feet as brakes and crashed his car into four other vehicles, officials said Thursday.

Roseville Deputy Police Chief James Berlin said the 24-year-old man noticed his car brakes failed around 5:45pm local time Wednesday while driving in Warren, a suburb just north of the Motor City.

Ignoring the hazard and apparently taking inspiration from Fred Flintstone, the man continued to drive, using his feet outside the car door as brakes.

Witnesses said he came to a complete stop at least twice during his travels. However, at one intersection, the man was unable to stop at a red light and struck two vehicles.

Police said he continued on and again struck two vehicles at another intersection before coming to a complete stop.

The man passed all field sobriety tests and was arrested for driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.

He is scheduled to face a judge in September for what Berlin called his "moronic decision making."

No one was injured in the collisions.