A Florida man is being called a hero after his father said he was fatally shot during a robbery Saturday night after he wrestled a gun from a robber and told his girlfriend to run to safety.

Robert Bosso, 28, who worked at Lockheed Martin and just accepted a new job in south Florida, was gunned down in an Orlando apartment complex near Valencia College at about 11 p.m., The Orlando Sentinel reported. Police are reportedly searching for three to five suspects.

Bill Bosso, the man's father, told The Sentinel that his son managed to wrestle away a gun that was trained on his girlfriend and tackle one of the attackers. He told his girlfriend to run during the attack. The two were returning from dinner.

The woman was not identified, but Bosso's mother said she is distraught. She managed to escaped and get help at one of the nearby apartments.

"He was a courageous and wonderful guy, a devout Catholic," the father told the paper.