Florida attorney general declares state ‘safe’ after Miami Beach curfew, but concerns linger

Spring breakers continue to flock to Miami Beach after lockdown despite parents' concerns

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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody told Fox News that the state is safe after a state of emergency was declared in Miami Beach, but spring breakers said their parents are still "worried" and "concerned."

"We are doing everything we can to ensure that law enforcement across our state is well-funded, is supported," said Moody. "I know that the City of Miami Beach is committed to additional police presence."

College student speaks to Fox News on Miami Beach, FL.

College student speaks to Fox News on Miami Beach, FL.

The city of Miami Beach declared a state of emergency in March for the second consecutive year after two shootings in 48 hours. Mayor Dan Gelber said the city issued a "massive deployment of police resources" and imposed a curfew that has since been lifted.

"Those additional officers need to know if they take the actions … that there will be follow through, and it needs to be targeted" with "specific approaches to the bad actors," Moody told Fox News. 

Miami Beach, FL.

Miami Beach, FL.


Despite the violence, college students are still flocking to Miami Beach. 

"My parents are worried a little bit about us being here," one University of Delaware student told Fox News. 

Another student said her "parents were a little concerned."

"That makes me more excited actually," another University of Delaware student told Fox News in response to the state of emergency. "I live for the danger."

Police car monitoring Ocean Drive on Miami Beach.

Police car monitoring Ocean Drive on Miami Beach.

A student from Wisconsin had heard of a shooting the week prior but "wasn’t worried about it." 

Emily, who was visiting from the United Kingdom, told Fox News: "It feels very safe to me."


Nigel, who was with her added: "There is a lot of police presence."

The first Delaware student said student said: "If you go to an area looking for trouble, you’ll find it."

He said he and his friends "tend to like to stay from places like that" and that they "came here looking to have a fun vacation."