Finger-Flipping Crosswalk Sign Fixed

There's "Walk," "Don't Walk" and "Say WHAT!?!?"

A “Don’t Walk” signal at a crosswalk in Spokane, Wash., sent a most impolite message to pedestrians on Wednesday, "flipping the bird" at people waiting on the corner until the city got around to fixing it.

The electronic sign's raised hand, the universal signal to stop, was working fine. But it was missing some fingers -- two on the left and one on the right -- leaving the middle digit proudly standing alone.

"The Bronx Salute," they called it in Spokane. The Bronx had no comment, which probably was just as well.

Spokane spokeswoman Marlene Feist said no offense was intended. It was all because of bad weather, she said.

“We fixed it, snow was embedded in the electric sign,” she told

She described the signal's message as "unintentional" and said it wasn't fixed quickly because city workers' first priority was clearing the snow from the roads, not the signs.'s Meghan Baker contributed to this report.