Family says Texas police chief shot their dogs

A Texas police chief has been accused of shooting a family's dogs, one of which had to be put down because of its injuries, MyFoxAustin reported.

Caren Vybiral said she and her two-year-old daughter were inside their home in Florence, Texas, roughly 50 miles north of Austin, when she heard gunshots ring out last Friday.

Vybiral, with her toddler inches behind her, opened the front door and her mom's Rhodesian ridgeback, called Sassy, scooted inside bleeding. She had been shot twice in the shoulders and was put down an hour or so later.

Vybiral said when she looked out she saw Florence Police chief Julie Elliott-Abshire with her gun drawn.

"She was yelling at me," Vybiral said. "I asked her 'What's wrong? Why did you shoot my dog?'"

Vybiral says the chief cursed at her and ran around to the back of the house where Vybiral later discovered her brother's pit bull, Boomer, had also been shot. The bullet appears to have hit his ear and then his leg.

The Vybirals say they have since learned that an employee at city hall called to report the two dogs running astray at a convenience store across the street. According to the employee, they were bothering customers.

Still, the Vybirals feel the behavior did not warrant the chief opening fire, MyFoxAustin reported Tuesday.

"I can't believe she did it. I honestly can't believe that happened. I think it was very irresponsible. She could've killed my kid. She could've killed me," Vybiral said.

The city has released a statement saying it was investigating the shooting.

"After the investigation is completed will issue a public statement concerning the results. Until then, however, we are making no further comment," it said.

Elliott-Abshire has not commented.

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