Family of Texas trucker jailed in Mexico calls for his release

The family of a Texas truck driver jailed in Mexico called for the man’s release during a Saturday rally, reports.

"I want my son home! Please, let my child go," pleaded his mother, Aletha Smith, at a rally she helped organize at Victory Park in Dallas Saturday afternoon hoping to convince Mexican authorities to free her son. "He has done nothing wrong!"

'I want my son home.'

— Aletha Smith

Jabin Bogan, 27, an Irving truck driver, has been confined to the Villa Aldama federal prison in Mexico for two weeks after being charged with smuggling when he was stopped driving an 18-wheeler loaded with 268,000 rounds of military ammunition.

According to, Bogan’s boss, Dennis Mekenye of Demco Express, said Bogan simply got lost while transporting the ammo to Phoenix and made a wrong turn, landing in Mexico.

"It was an honest mistake," Mekenye told the station. "He missed an exit and found himself in Mexico with those ammo and bullets."

Mexican authorities are concerned that the ammunition in Bogan's truck was destined for the assault rifles of the drug cartels.

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