Eleven-Year-Old Boy, Two Teens, Admit Roles in Mob Attacks

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An 11-year-old and two teenagers have acknowledged their roles in attacking and robbing several pedestrians in downtown Philadelphia.

The trio admitted to allegations including robbery, conspiracy, rioting and assault in connection with the July 29 mob attacks.

The admissions made Thursday in Family Court are the equivalent of guilty pleas. Judge Kevin Dougherty characterized the trio's actions as "hunting humans for sport."

The judge ordered the 17-year-old and 16-year-old to remain in state custody. The 11-year-old will remain under house arrest in his grandmother's custody.

Philadelphia's mayor and police chief have ordered a crackdown and curfew for teenagers to help curb recent mobs of young people responsible for random attacks and property damage.

Last month, a man attacked by teens ended up hospitalized with broken teeth and a wired jaw.