East Coast wind advisory plays role in foiling abduction

A wind advisory during last weekend’s storm in Maryland reportedly aided police in rescuing a woman who they said was kidnapped by her armed ex-boyfriend.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that the incident started Sunday at the unnamed woman’s apartment and ended on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

According to the paper, an ex-girlfriend of Phillip James Timmons called 911 from her home to report that he broke in to her residence and was attempting to take her. Police arrived and found that the door had been forced open.

At some point the two arrived at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Due to the wind restrictions in place on the bridge, a crew asked Timmons to remove two surfboards from the bed of his 2001 Dodge Dakota.

While the surfboards were being removed, his ex-girlfriend somehow jumped into the driver's seat and drove to nearby police, The Pilot reported. The scene became even more dramatic when Timmons reportedly jumped into the back of the truck and tried to unlock the door through a broken window.

The woman reportedly flagged down police who, after a brief struggle, managed to take Timmons into custody.

Timmons was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, along with other charges.

"Search of police records indicated the two had a history of domestic assaults in which Timmons was the aggressor," a police press release said. "The victim had also applied for and a protective order had been issued prohibiting Timmons from having contact with the victim."