Downpours to slow travel in northeastern US early this week

Heavy thunderstorms will return to parts of the northeastern United States on Monday, with more wet weather to follow later in the week.

The dry, pleasant weather over the weekend will be swept away as a system approaches on Monday.

A slight uptick in humidity will be just enough to help trigger the downpours, but it will pale in comparison to the muggy conditions which ended last week.

“Showers and thunderstorms will erupt in the afternoon and evening hours from the Appalachians through New York state and western New England on Monday,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said.

“Some of these could contain brief, heavy downpours and gusty winds,” he added.

A repeat of last week’s severe weather event is not anticipated as damage and power outage reports are likely to be spotty.

However, motorists will once again need to use caution along stretches of interstates 76, 80, 81, 86 and 90, as downpours will reduce visibility and heighten the risk of hydroplaning at highway speeds.

Water could collect in low-lying areas with localized flash flooding possible, especially given the recent rainfall and saturated soil.

Many areas along and east of the Northeast I-95 corridor will be free of weather-related disruptions to start the week as the storms will struggle to make significant eastward progress.

“Tuesday may be the day for wet weather for New York City and Philadelphia with the storm nearly overhead,” Rathbun said.

Lingering thunderstorms along the coast could threaten beach-goers at midweek, while other areas of the Northeast enjoy a brief dry spell before the threat of wet weather returns.

Some of the thunderstorms set to roll across the Midwestern states later this week have the potential to reach into the eastern Great Lakes, central Appalachians, New England and perhaps the Atlantic coast.

Areas that are targeted by the late-week storms after being hit earlier in the week will face an enhanced risk of flash flooding.

At the very least, disruptions to travel and outdoor plans will once again occur.