Dispatch tapes show Farook was named as possible suspect soon after San Bernardino shootings

Police at the scene of the deadly shootings in San Bernardino last week were provided with the name of one of the suspects as officers swarmed the building in search of multiple gunmen.

An officer radioed information to a police dispatcher that Syed Farook was a possible suspect because he had left the meeting "out of the blue" 20 minutes before the shooting and matched the description of one of the shooters.

"He seemed nervous," the unnamed officer reported in dispatch recordings posted by The Press-Enterprise newspaper of Riverside.

The recordings revealed the back-and-forth from officers in the field and calm-talking dispatchers, including some of the confusion and misinformation that was relayed as they tried to figure out how many suspects were involved and whether they were still at the Inland Regional Center.

An officer said two witnesses reporting seeing a pair of gunmen wearing ski-type masks and vests.

A dispatcher later advised all units that three suspects wearing black masks and, possibly, tactical vests had fled in a black SUV with assault rifles.

Police eventually said Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, were the only two shooters responsible for killing 14 people and wounding 21 others.

Most of the victims were Farook's co-workers from the county Health Department who were taking part in an annual meeting being held in an auditorium at the center.