De Blasio says he didn't go to LIRR crash because no one died

Mayor de Blasio said he was conspicuously absent from the LIRR derailment scene in Brooklyn Wednesday because — while more than 100 people were injured in the horrifying rush hour crash — no one died, so it didn’t rise to the “magnitude” of an event requiring his personal attention.

Hizzoner was bombarded with questions about his being MIA at the crash scene during an unrelated press event less than a mile away, especially since he had criticized Mayor Bloomberg in 2013 for not going to the site of a more serious train derailment in The Bronx that killed 4 passengers.

“We look at each situation specifically and this is a different kind of situation than that horrible tragedy we were talking about years ago,” de Blasio said.

“Long Island Railroad obviously is the purview of the governor, but more importantly, thank God, these were minor, very minor injuries,” Hizzoner added.

“Looks like this situation will be fixable pretty soon — so I think it’s a magnitude question here,” he said.

As a candidate for mayor in 2013, de Blasio sang a different tune — razzing Bloomberg over his decision not to visit the site of the Metro-North derailment in The Bronx.

Bloomberg was reportedly in Bermuda at the time of that accident.

“For me, it would be, generally speaking, important to be there,” public advocate de Blasio said at the time. “My instinct in these things is to be present even if the city is not the lead… In this case I would have been there.”

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