Dallas office shooting: Man fatally shoots boss before killing himself

Dallas police said a man has fatally shot his boss and killed himself inside an office building Monday.

The shooting unfolded on the seventh floor of the tower, located by the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Fox 4 reported.

Officers told Fox 4 that they had to use a shotgun to get through the glass door in the office where the shooting was located. Inside they found a man and a woman dead.

Workers evacuated the building as SWAT team officers responded, the news station added. The building was later deemed safe by police but an officer was injured by debris, the Dallas Police Dept. said.

"I was on the phone with a customer, we heard shots," a woman who was working in the building told Fox 4. "My boss directed everybody to get in a corner and get down low."


The worker said "people started screaming" and a SWAT team burst into the office, telling everyone to get out.

"They had guns pointed and everybody had to come out of the office with our hands up," she said.

Assistant Police Chief Randy Blankenbaker said that they won't release the identities of those who died until relatives are notified. He said they also are not yet saying what kind of office they worked in.

Blankenbaker said that the man was a current worker in the office. He says that there were witnesses to the shooting who were not injured.

At least one window at the tower was broken.

Two ambulances rushed to the tower, KTVT reported.

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