D.C.-Area Real Estate Agent Launches Occupy Web Movement

Occupy the real estate market?

A Washington D.C.-area real estate agent has gotten creative with his house listings, launching four websites that poke light-hearted fun at the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Jordan Fainberg created occupybethesda.com and occupy-dc.com about a month ago to market his listings for homes in the affluent sections of the Washington area, where prices can top $8 million.

“I just thought it was kind of funny. When I created the sites, I wasn’t really sure what the movement [Occupy Wall Street] was about at the time,” Fainberg told FoxNews.com.

“The time has come… it is time to occupy Bethesda,” touts the front page of occupybethesda.com, along with jokes from late-night talk show hosts Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and others. A link on the page directs visitors to a list of “demands”:

“Cover Bethesda: Why should the visitors and residents of Bethesda be concerned with weather?  We demand that the ‘man’ build a bio dome that covers and protects us. Who needs rain? Who needs snow? They should also coat the dome with sunscreen,” is one of three “demands” listed under a caveat that says, “totally nonpolitical.”

Another is: “Parking: Think of all the wasted time searching for parking... The ‘man’ should immediately (without disturbing anyone) build massive underground garages and offer free valet parking. You also should never have to wait more than 2 minutes for your car to be returned."

Fainberg also set up a site at occupy-dc.com, the front page of which states: “The time has come to truly occupy DC.  Not in a tent, not in a cardboard box, not in a car....but a place of your own.”

He has also recently set up sites for the tony neighborhoods of Potomac and Rockville.

“I wasn’t trying to be controversial. I was trying to have a little fun,” said Fainberg, adding that his sites have seen a spike in traffic in recent days.