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    Juan Williams: Why Trump's 100 day mark will hurt (not help) Republicans

    Michael Goodwin: Political correctness is killing our terror strategy (not the terrorists)

    North Korea: The tragic fate of American student Otto Warmbier

    Rabbi Lau's Yom Hashoah lesson: Do not stand idly by while others-even your enemies-bleed


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    Why you should avoid trans fats at all costs

    Got acne? A vaccine may be on the horizon

    How bright lights may help wake patients from a coma

    Aaron Hernandez's brain will be studied for CTE

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    Furious heiress sues United Airlines after she was reportedly kicked out of first class

    Married man faked a terror plot to avoid going on vacation with mistress

    Why you should never book a hotel room through a third-party website if you want a good view

    Business Leaders

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    Microsoft's Nadella Banks on LinkedIn Data to Challenge Salesforce

    Vermont Teddy Bear Company Creates Limb Loss, Limb Difference Bears Including Military Bear

    Sheryl Sandberg Picks 'Option B' in Her Book on Resilience

    Emotional Side of Small Business: Avión Tequila's Founder 'You'll Want to Quit'


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    Declaration of Independence discovery stuns experts

    Air & Space

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    No aliens yet for $100 million ET hunt

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    Florida worker bitten by poisonous snake opens up about ordeal

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    Dum Dums pays tribute to employee of 48 years

    Number of Subway restaurants shrinking for first time in company history

    Former NFL star Bubba Baker finds success as barbecue entrepreneur

    Starbucks won't fire barista who trashed Unicorn Frappuccino


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    Christie Brinkley's children poke fun at her cooking skills: 'We're really good at restaurants'

    Disney World's new light show goes high tech

    Michael Phelps details his life after retiring from swimming

    Sylvester Stallone's daughters reveal what it was like growing up with their famous dad

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    Energy In America

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    Kentucky Coal Mining Museum switches to solar power

    Road to rebuilding coal country starts with … literally, roads

    Navajo Nation wants Trump to subsidize coal sales to struggling power plant


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    Caitlyn Jenner: Trump has 'kind of disappointed me' on LGBT issues

    Elton John cancels shows after being hospitalized due to rare infection

    Kid Rock teams up with Jack Nicklaus to beat Gary Player and Lee Trevino at golf tournament

    Former 'Deadliest Catch' star Jake Harris arrested for car theft, drug possession, report says