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    Sean Hannity: Fight campus fascism against Ann Coulter, others

    North Korea: Inside the mind of Kim Jong Un

    Marie Harf: A Democrat's honest take on Trump's first 100 days

    Mr. Trump, about that wall... Congress is not going to pay for it, but the people will


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    Chronic fatigue syndrome linked with differences in gut bacteria

    Strangers send cards to young cancer patient in Orlando

    Smoking while pregnant may harm your future grandkids

    'World's heaviest woman' drops 713 pounds – or has she?

    The Property Project

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    How to ditch perfectionism in the garden

    11 herbs every gardener should try to grow this summer

    Drone photography takes the real estate business to new heights

    Glass-bottomed pool sits 500 feet above downtown Houston


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    Stored 1993 Porsche driven six miles worth millions

    Jeep Wrangler pickup crawling closer to production

    228,000 Toyota Tacoma pickups recalled because rear wheels may lock up

    Danica Patrick's wonder-ful new car paint scheme is for the dogs


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    Digging History

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    Frozen in time: DNA may ID sailors looking for Northwest Passage in 1845

    Air & Space

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    'Dragonfly' drone could explore Saturn moon Titan

    Wild Nature

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    Dozens of snakes dumped in Arkansas Walmart parking lot

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    IBM CEO Rometty: Tackling 5 Million U.S. Job Openings That Can't Be Filled

    Trump Finds That CEO-as-President isn't Always a Natural Fit

    Uber's Self-Driving Car Chief Anthony Levandowski Steps Aside

    Fox News Poll:53% Favor Military Action to Stop North Korea Nukes Program

    Food + Drink

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    Waffle House founders die less than 2 months apart

    Anthony Bourdain admits to traveling with a hidden knife in his credit card

    Coca-Cola rolls out soda with fiber but do people want 'healthy' soft drinks?

    Diner gives waitress a tax-exempt 'personal gift' in lieu of tip

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    Lea Michele: 'I've never eaten fast food'

    'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham fires back at her critics, praises Trump

    Lucy Hale quit drinking to become 'the best version of myself'

    'Fixer Upper's' Chip Gaines sued by former business partners for fraud


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    Facebook and Google got hit with a $100M email scam

    Iron Man is real: British inventor builds flight suit

    'Outlast 2' review: Follow the light