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    The world's smartest water bottle could save your life

    Revolutionary new ZERO1 football helmet may help NFL players reduce concussions

    New tech protects homes from invisible radon threat

    Arlo Baby monitor lets you watch your little one's every move


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    Trump's new Afghanistan strategy changes the national conversation. Could it lead to real...

    Trump the unconventional president proposes a conventional response for Afghanistan --...

    "It's a joke!" Falwell dismisses Trump-hating grads

    Eclipse Savannah-style -- Hoodoo mystic says cosmic event can bring country together

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    US military crashes, collisions in the Pacific

    Google doodle celebrates the historic Great American solar eclipse

    How to make a pinhole camera to watch the solar eclipse

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    Belgian biscuit maker recalls products amid contaminated eggs scare

    Study revives argument over mammogram screening

    Authorities responding to multiple overdoses near Newark Penn Station, report says

    Program aims to boost prenatal care in rural US

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    Tiger Woods threatens nude photo hackers with legal action

    Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams cries on camera after solar eclipse

    Patton Oswalt says Turmp has 'been hurt his whole life'

    Chrissy Teigen is cutting back on drinking: 'It's not a good look for me'

    Fitness + Well-being

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    Late night snacking could give you a sunburn

    Solar eclipse 2017: What precautions should pet-owners take?

    Pubic hair grooming injuries are surprisingly common, study finds

    Pets may not improve kids' health despite previous findings, according to new study