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    Killing Trump: The left's violent assault on an American president

    Why 'Fearless Girl' represents the sad state of modern love

    Rep. Arrington: Our veterans deserve a VA system that works. It starts today

    Alabama school bans Reagan, Coulter, Levin summer reading list


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    Is there a Viagra for women?

    Surgery in the womb gives hope for spina bifida

    'Mommy Dead and Dearest': What is Munchausen syndrome by proxy?

    Dying 8-year-old gets surprise princess-themed birthday party

    Business Leaders

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    Uber admits it knew ex-Google engineer kept trade secrets

    American Airlines CEO fired up about Qatar interest

    Uber's turbulent week: Kalanick out, new twist in Google lawsuit

    Robert Murray on John Oliver: Radical elitists’ broadcast operative


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    Planet Earth

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    Stephen Hawking wants humanity to leave Earth as soon as possible

    Digging History

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    Hoax or not? 3-fingered 'humanoid' mummy reportedly found in Peru, sparks skepticism

    Air & Space

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    Planet 10? Another Earth-size world may lurk in the outer solar system

    Food + Drink

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    Frog salad? BJ’s in California served up dead amphibian in its restaurant, woman claims

    McDonald's customers in Indiana 'pay it forward' at drive-thru 167 times in a row

    Chick-fil-A earns top spot as more Americans now prefer fast food over full-service dining, study says

    Florida bar gets robbed as patrons continue to drink

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    Fitness + Well-being

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    Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop' criticized by ex-NASA scientist for bogus healing stickers

    Is marriage making men gain weight?

    New trend has men flaunting their curves on Instagram

    Fitness blogger's photos reveal the dangers of exercise addiction

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    Johnny Depp jokes about assassinating Trump, then apologizes

    Johnny Depp in meltdown mode? Trump assassination comments, alleged Amber Heard abuse details cause concern

    'Stranger Things' actress Winona Ryder cried for 10 hours during Christmas lights scene

    'Today' show hosts Matt Lauer and Al Roker didn't like each other at first: 'We had a rough start'


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    Alon Day becomes 1st Israeli driver to race at NASCAR's top level

    Jimmie Johnson's crew chief missing race notes after theft

    2017 Nissan Rogue Sport test drive

    Insurance study ties legal pot to boost in car crash claims