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    Women should never suffer in silence

    Gregg Jarrett: The first (and frivolous) lawsuit against President Trump

    Conservatives are peaceful, law-abiding people but we must stand up to militant bullies

    Sean Hannity: Trump mounts shock and awe campaign on DC


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    Dying from cancer: Could your location determine your fate?

    The different eating habits of Presidents Obama and Trump

    Super-tall ex-model may break record for world's longest legs

    Scientists optimistic about 'mental Viagra' activating lust


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    Planet Earth

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    Landmark 'cement ship' ruined in California storm

    Digging History

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    Stunning fossil discovery: Giant otter was size of wolf

    Air & Space

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    Beyond Pluto: NASA's New Horizons spacecraft heads to next adventure

    Wild Nature

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    Primate study finds it's 'worse than we thought'

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    Travel website faces backlash after launching poll on flight attendants' 'attractiveness'

    This new airplane design could end middle seat misery

    This is how to survive a plane crash, according to a flight attendant

    Several airlines offering travel waivers ahead of Winter Storm Leo

    Business Leaders

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    FedEx CEO Says Cutting Off Trade Will Hurt American Pocketbooks

    Trump Urges U.S. Automakers to Make Big Push for New Plants

    Ford, Lockheed Martin CEOs Get More Trump Time at White House

    Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPM Execs Sold Almost $100M in Stock Since Election

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    After years as an outcast, Mel Gibson earns an Oscar nomination

    'Big' episode of 'This Is Us' coming tonight

    Gwyneth Paltrow won't stop promoting bizarre health treatments

    Erin Andrews reveals she battled cervical cancer


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    How ISIS is turning commercial drones into weapons in the battle for Mosul

    Decision looms on Assange extradition to Sweden

    Swipe left on a baby? Adoption app sparks controversy

    Australia wants to replace passports with facial recognition technology

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    Missing woman's relatives find missing man's body in Missouri

    Quick-thinking dispatcher uses texts to save kidnapped woman

    Police: Car suspected in fatal hit-and-run of officer found

    Search under way for driver after Cleveland officer killed in hit-and-run