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    Proud American

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    World War II veteran recalls fighting in Battle of the Bulge

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    Cal Thomas: Health care can be fixed, so can Washington - but it will take willpower and...

    Self-determination for post-ISIS areas of Iraq and Syria - why not give it a try?

    Liz Peek: Why Democrats will not win the White House in 2020

    Arkansas Ten Commandments memorial rammed 24 hours after installation. Here’s another...

    Travel + Outdoors

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    Outdoor Channel's Bill Busbice sentenced for poaching

    Passenger throws coins into plane engine for 'good luck,' delays flight for 5 hours

    Supreme Court travel ban: Flood of lawsuits expected from ruling

    Fourth of July festivals: 7 different ways to celebrate America

    Food + Drink

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    Dunkin Donuts sued over claims that ‘steak’ sandwich doesn't contain steak

    Confederate flag can't be removed from lawn of ice cream shop, despite owner's wishes

    Breastfeeding mother kicked out of Florida restaurant

    Los Angeles to legalize street-side food vendors to spite Trump, ICE

    Business Leaders

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    Trump vs. Bezos: A look into the longstanding rift over taxes

    Cyber attack leaves global businesses scrambling to secure systems

    How businesses can prevent cyber attacks

    How Buffett's Bank of America bet changes with the Fed stress test

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    Protecting yourself from surgical mistakes

    LSU parents save unconscious fan's life at College World Series

    Mom diagnosed with stage 4 cancer days after son's stillbirth raising funds for others

    2 new strains of fentanyl may be resistant to Narcan, Georgia authorities warn


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    Petya ransomware: What you need to know

    Companies weigh cyberattack cost, with Ukraine hit hard

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    Cloud Innovation

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    Patti Stanger of 'Million Dollar Matchmaker' fame: 'Now I need to get laid'

    Britney Spears on lip-syncing accusations: 'It really pisses me off'

    Halle Berry reflects on Oscar win: 'That moment really meant nothing'

    'Wonder Woman' star Gal Gadot responds to $300,000 salary outrage: 'I'm grateful'