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    Election 2016

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    A simple 2-minute trick to calm a racing mind

    Zika detected in 2 American women who miscarried, report says

    Doctors say Czech woman who gave birth in a coma is on the mend

    WWE’s Daniel Bryan admits post-concussion seizures forced retirement, cautions other athletes


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    San Diego declares war on our Founding Fathers and men, too

    To Debbie Wasserman Schultz, from one Floridian to another, you lost in NH, too

    Sanders, Trump, Clinton, Cruz: There's not a dime's worth of difference between them

    Why are so many Christians biblically illiterate?

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    Air & Space

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    Meteorite probably didn't kill man in India, NASA says

    Planet Earth

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    What caused this weird crack to appear in Michigan?


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    Board member's tweet makes a big mess for Facebook

    Hackers could throw off our power grid by manipulating our AC units

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    Criminal charges brought against 'Star Wars' producers over Harrison Ford accident

    Savannah Guthrie tells Penelope Cruz she has ugly feet on 'Today'

    Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cumming only paid $2,700 to host Tonys

    Peyton Manning thought Justin Timberlake worked at a bowling alley


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    Ram unveils "Macho" 2017 Power Wagon off-road pickup

    2017 Nissan Armada gets a full-size update

    The Sherp ATV is the life-size Tonka truck you've been craving since childhood

    EPA proposal would restrict road to race car conversions

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    Fargo police officer shot during standoff has 'non-survivable' wound, chief says

    Missouri boy, 3, found dead in frigid van

    Body of 22-year-old found in Walmart lot may have been there for months

    Female tiger killed by mating partner at Sacramento Zoo


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    White House

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    Official: Top Clinton aides also handled ‘top secret’ intel on server


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    Pentagon confirms North Korea launched satellite into orbit

    Media Buzz

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    Trump and Sanders riding high: Yet another major media misfire

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