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    Smart & Safe Tech

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    The world's smartest water bottle could save your life

    Revolutionary new ZERO1 football helmet may help NFL players reduce concussions

    New tech protects homes from invisible radon threat

    Arlo Baby monitor lets you watch your little one's every move


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    Debbie Wasserman Schultz, House Democrats and the incredible scandal the mainstream media...

    Charlottesville, Trump and angry white males

    Stuart Varney: President Trump, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

    Barcelona attack: Why the War on Terror is far from over

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    Hyundai unveils new fuel cell SUV with longer travel range

    Submerged car found with human remains inside still a mystery

    The Ford F-Series is the best-selling vehicle in the world this year

    BMW Z4 Concept reveals design direction for brand's next roadster

    House + Home

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    White House renovations to be completed next week, including new carpets and curtains

    Oprah Winfrey explains obsession with luxurious, over-the-top bathtubs

    Why you should plant shade-loving hostas in your garden

    Your guide to digitizing home movies


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    White supremacist Chris Cantwell kicked off dating site OkCupid

    Nintendo Switch consoles are still warping while sitting in the dock

    Washing machines can be 30 percent lighter thanks to new innovation

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    Baby hospitalized with botulism on first birthday

    'Liquid biopsy' spots early-stage cancers in blood, study finds

    Girl recovering from snake bite after 4 days in ICU

    Army veteran's paralyzed dog gets new wheelchair

    Food + Drink

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    Chick-fil-A at Atlanta Falcons' new stadium will be closed Sundays

    Anthony Bourdain reveals ‘disgusting, shameful’ fast-food secret

    Michigan taproom owner closes shop amid accusations of being a Nazi sympathizer

    Florida man pulls out fake AR-15 rifle over McDonald's ice cream dispute

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    Fitness + Well-being

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    Pregnant meteorologist claps back at viewer who called her maternity clothes 'disgusting'

    Fitness blogger's powerful photos prove people don't look perfect all the time

    Tough Mudder: What it's like to compete alongside the World’s Toughest Mudder

    This is the best time of day to have sex