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    Richest Americans live seven to 10 years longer than poorest

    Israel's Bonus says lab-grown bones successfully transplanted

    Michigan doctor accused of inappropriately touching, kissing 18-year-old patient

    National Steak and Poultry recalls nearly 2M pounds of chicken


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    Alan Dershowitz: The essential truth about what Keith Ellison would bring to the DNC

    How to stop the craziness of Christmas from outshining the Christ child

    Why Trump was right to talk with Taiwan's president

    I'm a Democrat and I'm ashamed at how tone deaf we've become


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    Less than half of US hotel rooms now have Bibles

    Chrissy Teigen reveals her travel wardrobe essentials

    Plane landing gear collapses on landing at San Antonio airport

    American Airline workers demand 'full recall' of uniforms that workers claim made them sick

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    Cloud Technology Helps Drive UPS

    NYSE President: Tariffs Would Not Be Welcome

    Trump's Billion-Dollar Cabinet?

    Steve Ballmer: Hardware is an Important Part of the Future


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    Kylie Jenner poses with snake in Terry Richardson calendar

    Josh Brolin shares racy picture of wife

    Fort Worth Police Department's 'Star Wars' recruitment video goes viral

    Jeff Foxworthy buys groceries for Georgia mother-of-three

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    Dow Climbs to Fresh High As Investors Shake Off Italy's Referendum

    Global shares mixed after Italy rejects constitution changes

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    A Chick-fil-A food truck is coming to Houston

    Where did the names for your favorite foods come from?

    Peng Chang-kuei, creator of General Tso's Chicken, dies at 98

    Japan offering free ramen to get older drivers off the road