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    Erick Erickson: Mr. Trump, shut down the government, please

    Juan Williams: Why Trump's 100 day mark will hurt (not help) Republicans

    Michael Goodwin: Political correctness is killing our terror strategy (not the terrorists)

    North Korea: The tragic fate of American student Otto Warmbier


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    Utah man initially denied lung transplant over pot use dies after complications, family says

    Nationwide ready-to-eat chicken breast recall; may be undercooked

    Sick child? An easy way to take their temperature

    Why you should avoid trans fats at all costs

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    Travel + Outdoors

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    Las Vegas after dark, country star style

    United Airlines commercial axed from Tribeca Film Festival

    Why superyachts are the epitome of luxury living

    Airline passengers in viral videos have same lawyer

    Business Leaders

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    Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR's Second-Highest Earner, to Retire After 2017 Season

    Yahoo's Marissa Mayer to Make $186 Million From Verizon Deal

    Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street's Newest Fat Cat

    Microsoft's Nadella Banks on LinkedIn Data to Challenge Salesforce


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    Digging History

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    Declaration of Independence discovery stuns experts

    Air & Space

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    'Ancient tree stump' spotted on Mars?

    Wild Nature

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    'Whale cams' capture massive mammals' mysterious daily habits

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    Food + Drink

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    Oregon pizzeria breaks record with world's cheesiest pizza

    Hidden Valley teases Internet with unicorn ranch dressing

    Dum Dums pays tribute to employee of 48 years

    Number of Subway restaurants shrinking for first time in company history


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    Christie Brinkley's children poke fun at her cooking skills: 'We're really good at restaurants'

    Disney World's new light show goes high tech

    Michael Phelps details his life after retiring from swimming

    Sylvester Stallone's daughters reveal what it was like growing up with their famous dad

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    Energy In America

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    Kentucky Coal Mining Museum switches to solar power

    Road to rebuilding coal country starts with … literally, roads

    Navajo Nation wants Trump to subsidize coal sales to struggling power plant


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    'Bachelor' star Chris Soules arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal accident

    Eric Trump on Chelsea Handler's tweet after baby announcement: 'It's sad'

    Faye Dunaway expresses guilt for Oscars 2017 fiasco

    Pamela Anderson writes about her 'special relationship' with Julian Assange