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    10 reasons to skip the yard sale

    How to add a living wall

    What's in a name? 6 wildflowers that aren't 'weeds' at all

    Use this checklist for the perfect backyard party


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    Trump and Leaks: The president must take aggressive steps to stop a grave national...

    U.S. Congressman and Afghanistan vet: Tears are a sign of strength, share them this...

    Newt Gingrich: Lock up the leakers

    Sen. Grassley: Locking the barn door on NAFTA won't create jobs or prosperity

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    Keep the baby food diet for babies

    Mom's rash leads to rare breast cancer diagnosis

    Tainted nacho cheese: Why botulism is so deadly

    Army veteran, cancer survivor granddaughter gifted new home after devastating house fire

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    Evil-genius monkeys in Bali are swindling unsuspecting tourists

    Nurse on JetBlue flight credited with saving life of fellow passenger

    Airplane passenger tries to bite flight attendant before jumping out of aircraft

    Dr. Beach lists America's best beaches of 2017

    Fitness + Well-being

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    Jamba Juice introduces new collagen smoothie: Can it really reduce wrinkles?

    Sophia Bush's secrets for reducing stress when life gets hectic

    Having a 'starter marriage' could raise your risk of getting divorced

    Plastic surgery might be the trendy new graduation gift

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    Food + Drink

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    Chipotle accused of covering up for manager who put hidden camera women's bathroom

    Consumer advocates want In-N-Out to change its beef

    National Burger Day deals: How to score a great burger deal

    McDonald's UK ad reveals what Brits really think about Americans


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    This mysterious new Android phone can do something your iPhone can't

    Study: Fitness trackers suck at measuring calories burned

    Facebook use associated with decreased health and happiness, study finds

    Nintendo Switch is getting a beloved Japanese game and investors are going nuts