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    The Property Project

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    What to look for to check the quality of a contractor's work

    Give your garden structure with these top 10 shrubs

    9 outrageous fire pits you need in your backyard

    Gain More Storage and Space with Kitchen Peninsulas


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    'Third wheel' woman is a hero to singles everywhere

    Couple ends relationship with bizarre 'breakup photoshoot'

    13-year-old girl seriously injured by falling tree remains 'very unstable'

    Are penile implants safe?

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    Republicans coming up short on ObamaCare

    How illegal immigrant advocates demonize Trump and terrify people

    Milo is no Ronald Reagan

    Andrew Napolitano: The chickens have come home to roost


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    Google celebrates exoplanets discovery with charming Doodle

    Michigan woman's warning about shirt on her windshield goes viral

    This foam stops bullets cold and pulverizes them to dust

    Huffington Post writer's Garmin outs her cheating at half marathon

    Food & Drink

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    Baltimore brewers fight back as Diageo prepares to open US Guinness factory

    Wisconsin’s Irish butter ban spurs statewide dairy debacle

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    Business Leaders

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    Audi CEO Not Facing Immediate Dismissal by Supervisory Board

    Some Risk, More Reward for CEOs Embracing Trump's Sit-Down Meetings

    Nissan's Carlos Ghosn Steps Down; Hiroto Saikawa Named New CEO

    Trump Seeks Jobs Advice From Some Firms That Offshore U.S. Work


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    Planet Earth

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    Kayakers complete first journey around Antarctic archipelago, an 11-day odyssey

    Digging History

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    Fossil of 'monster' worm with snapping jaws discovered

    Air & Space

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    Keys to life? Scientists explain how newly-discovered exoplanets could be habitable

    Wild Nature

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    Texas plans feral hog 'apocalypse'

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    Katy Perry's dancing house falls off stage at Brit Awards

    Bradley Whitford: Ivanka Trump is 'enabling hatred'

    'Walking Dead' T-shirt pulled from department store for 'fantastically offensive' logo

    Mark Consuelos clarifies wife Kelly Ripa's comments about their sex life


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    Boy who lost his mother last year wins with grand champion pig

    Live stream of giraffe birth temporarily pulled from YouTube over 'nudity & sexual content'

    Anchorage-area high school bans Confederate flag

    Professor has taken a selfie every day for the past 30 years