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    Newt Gingrich: Republicans should target Democrats, not their own party

    Gerri Willis: Who caused the opioid epidemic?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano: If you can't change your mind, change the subject

    Court rules high school football coach cannot pray on the field

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    Automated car safety systems have saved many lives, studies find

    Self-driving forklift takes the human factor out of warehouse work

    Calgary airport apologizes for putting Lexus-only parking spots over its disabled spaces

    K9 units caught speeding to police dog competition in Florida

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    White House renovations to be completed next week, including new carpets and curtains

    Oprah Winfrey explains obsession with luxurious, over-the-top bathtubs

    Why you should plant shade-loving hostas in your garden

    Your guide to digitizing home movies


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    Cops bust subway thief with Find My iPhone app

    Facepalming wont save you from AI-enhanced facial recognition

    Calf born with 'fifth' leg shocks villagers who worship it as a god

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    Pennsylvania couple sees 'Jesus' in sonogram of baby daughter

    Live gecko found inside man's ear, reports claim

    WHO: AIDS no longer leading cause of death in Africa

    Runner carries fellow racer to the finish line

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    'Hellboy' casting sparks backlash over 'whitewashing'

    John Corbett: I have a strong belief in God

    'Mary Tyler Moore' writer tells all about her life among Hollywood's A-listers

    How does Celeb Jihad continue to share hacked celebrity nude pics?

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    This man ran out on his ex in the most brutal way, and now she's his boss

    Australian swimsuit brand holding competition for most ordinary dad bod

    How to go 'ecosexual' and embrace your love for Mother Nature

    Guy makes fake wellness Instagram to poke fun at his fitness blogger girlfriend