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    RNC Chairwoman: Trump's historic first 100 days

    The Berkeley Effect: Is this the end of civil discourse?

    Phyllis Chesler: FGM is illegal in the United States. So why is it still happening here?

    Chicken farmer to Trump: We voted for you, now we need your help


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    Treating chronic disease with exercise

    Middle school athlete dies after sudden illness at track meet

    Company recalls organic dog food that may contain euthanasia drug

    Utah Jazz help young blind fan see game for first time


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    5 of the worst tech products of all time

    'Dragonfly' drone could explore Saturn moon Titan

    Apple may be working on an Amazon Alexa rival

    NASA's Cassini spacecraft sends first images from Saturn rings dive

    Food + Drink

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    The difference between prosciutto, speck and all the other hams

    Heineken’s politically charged ad earns praise on social media

    North Korean airline's meal sounds like the most disgusting thing ever

    A Coke button? Trump reportedly orders Coca-Cola at push of a buzzer

    Business Leaders

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    Trump Finds That CEO-as-President isn't Always a Natural Fit

    Uber's Self-Driving Car Chief Anthony Levandowski Steps Aside

    Fox News Poll:53% Favor Military Action to Stop North Korea Nukes Program

    Fox News Poll: 67% Approve of U.S. Using Airstrikes on Syria

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    Fitness + Well-being

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    FTC cracks down on celeb-backed social media ads

    5 surprising foods to help you sleep better

    To be more productive, do these 7 things before 7 in the morning

    Woman with third-degree burns warns against essential oils: 'It's been hell'


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    Digging History

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    Frozen in time: DNA may ID sailors looking for Northwest Passage in 1845

    Air & Space

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    'Dragonfly' drone could explore Saturn moon Titan

    Wild Nature

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    Dozens of snakes dumped in Arkansas Walmart parking lot

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    'Bachelor' Chris Soules' new lawyers: He 'acted reasonably' after fatal crash

    'Facts of Life's' Charlotte Rae diagnosed with bone cancer

    RaeLynn: Blake Shelton always does after-the-show shots

    Joely Fisher planning 'candid' memoir

    The Property Project

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    How to Ditch Perfectionism in the Garden

    11 Herbs Every Gardener Should Try to Grow This Summer

    Drone photography takes the real estate business to new heights

    Glass-bottomed pool sits 500 feet above downtown Houston