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    Smart & Safe Tech

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    The world's smartest water bottle could save your life

    Revolutionary new ZERO1 football helmet may help NFL players reduce concussions

    New tech protects homes from invisible radon threat

    Arlo Baby monitor lets you watch your little one's every move

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    Judge Andrew Napolitano: Why hate speech is always protected

    Stuart Varney: Trump's style and tone is hurting his agenda. Will the country ever get...

    Charlottesville never had to happen -- How craven politicians led our nation into tragedy

    After Charlottesville: Trump needs to give Oval Office address that outlines our national...

    Food + Drink

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    Florida man pulls out fake AR-15 rifle over McDonald's ice cream dispute

    Subway franchisees sue after police claim worker spiked cop's lemonade with drugs

    American Airlines accused of 'willful and wanton' destruction of woman's wedding dress

    Cracker Barrel employee gets run-over in parking lot after cutting off driver


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    Facebook shut down conservative-leaning employee chat room, report says

    UC San Diego scientists are building tiny nanobots to swim through your stomach


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    Fiat Chrysler teams up with BMW and Intel on autonomous cars

    Wood-based cars stronger and lighter than steel?

    Continental reveals aluminum wheel and brake concept for electric cars

    Danica Patrick says its 'Cup only' for her NASCAR career

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    Mom claims toddler contracted flesh-eating bacteria from Texas lake

    Alcohol drip saves cat from near-fatal brake fluid poisoning

    Child contracts influenza virus from pig at North Dakota State Fair

    CT scan of an olive led to man's Crohn's disease diagnosis

    Travel + Outdoors

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    Airport lounge turns away family for wearing Minnie Mouse shirts

    SeaWorld euthanizes sick orca, making her the third whale to die at park in 2017

    Silver Dollar City to debut world record-breaking roller coaster in 2018

    American Airlines accused of 'willful and wanton' destruction of woman's wedding dress

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    Beach Boys' Mike Love describes 'the blessing' of being in the iconic band

    Tanya Tucker pens emotional tribute to Glen Campbell: 'I'll never get over him'

    Maria Sharapova recalls her 15-month suspension from tennis: 'What happened was a roadblock'

    Princess Diana remembered: Conspiracy theories surrounding her death


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    Digging History

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    3,000 year-old female statue uncovered in Turkey

    Air & Space

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    Aliens could conquer Earth by following 'dangerous' maps NASA 'foolishly' sent into space