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    Trump is right: Fight against terrorism is battle of 'good vs. evil'

    Pope Francis and President Trump: Ford vs. motorcade

    Trump and NATO: The odd couple

    John Stossel: The New York Times, Pebble Mine and an outrageous smear campaign

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    Gender-confirmation surgeries on the rise in US

    Frates family struggling to cover cost of ALS care

    A new health benefit of chocolate: reduced risk of AFib?

    Could this be the next great weight loss secret?

    Proud American

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    California man shot in the head at age 12 graduates college

    Indiana police get new protective vests with help of 4th grader

    Memorial Day tribute: Volunteers plant 10K flags in Arizona

    Three generations of Illinois women celebrate their graduations together

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    Catch your own bait: 4 ways to forage like a true fisherman

    Princess, Cunard cruise lines face backlash after charging passengers twice

    Drowning bear cub rescued by fisherman in Pennsylvania

    How to spot bedbugs in your hotel room


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    Apple is testing next-gen 5G wireless tech for the iPhone

    Meet Stan, a robot that can pick up your car and park it for you

    Blind boy thanks Nintendo for making a video game just for him

    T-Mobile wants to help pay off your iPhone -- but there's a catch

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    Women CEOs earned more last year, but few were in top job

    NFL making stadium security a priority, Atlanta Falcons owner says

    PayPal co-founder: You can't trust banks

    House speaker Ryan says confident tax reform will pass in 2017

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    Amazon's free banana giveaway upending Seattle fruit vendor economy

    Portland burrito shop forced to close amid accusations of cultural appropriation, stealing recipes

    Chinese toddler eats her way to fame in viral videos

    Steph Curry has 'terrible' taste in pizza, wife Ayesha confirms


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    Area 51: Leaked video purports alien craft being tested at secret military base

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    Southern California fisherman catches rare giant fish