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    Juan Williams: Race, Obama and Trump

    Michael Goodwin: How Trump should handle Comey and the FBI

    Why I would sing for the Inauguration of Donald Trump

    'Deplorables' look beyond Inauguration Day


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    Parents claim to find mold inside popular teething toy

    Parents are building a Texas neighborhood just for autistic adults

    Study sees a downside to kids' embrace of superheroes

    Officials say California woman's death likely meningitis after SoulCycle fatality

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    Rock slide closes 2 miles of Zion National Park scenic drive

    Amid reports of passenger groping, Air India introduces rows just for women

    Follow Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps on this roadtrip

    Illegal adventures? 6 places our parents couldn’t go


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    Tomb discovery: Headless crocodiles shock experts

    Air & Space

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    Graduate student aims at lofty goals for honoring John Glenn


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    Bob Beckel returns to 'The Five'

    Bruce Springsteen cover band faces heat for performing at inaugural event

    Filmmaker Joss Whedon goes after Paul Ryan with profane tweet

    Zoe Saldana said Trump won because Hollywood 'became bullies'

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    Davos Elites Struggle for Answers as Trump Era Dawns

    Takata to Plead Guilty, Pay $1 Billion U.S. Penalty Over Air Bag Defect

    What You Won't Hear From Today's CEOs, and Why

    Say 'Hello' to the Anti-Smartphone

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    YouTube restores influential conservative website's channel

    Donald Trump won't be using the POTUS Twitter account

    Best job search websites

    Longtime industry insider shares all there is to know about Samsung's Galaxy S8


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    Quick-thinking grandfather fights off 3-year-old's would-be kidnapper

    US transfers 10 Guantanamo prisoners to Oman

    Woman charged in adopted daughter's death fostered 30 kids

    Army, local police probe recent mystery deaths of 11 Fort Hood soldiers