Couple who dropped engagement ring in Times Square utility grate located

An English couple who lost an engagement ring in a utility grate in New York City's Times Square on Friday is thanking the city's police department for their help in finding their prized jewelry.

John Drennan and Daniella Anthony had become engaged just hours earlier in Central Park/ The two were walking in Times Square when the ring, which was too big for Anthony's finger, dropped 8 feet down a utility grate, the pair told Fox News on Sunday. Street surveillance video captured the couple attempting to look for the piece of jewelry — but without luck.

The couple was distraught and they "could barely bring ourselves back home" without the ring, Drennan said. He said when the ring dropped, strangers in Times Square worked to help them find it.

But the New York Police Department found the engagement ring — and sparked a viral search to find the mystery couple with hopes of returning the jewelry.

On Sunday, police took to Twitter to announce they found the couple and congratulated the two on their engagement.

Police later put out a photo of the couple with the caption: "Thank you, Twitter. Case closed! Love, John, Daniella, and the NYPD."

The couple told Fox News on Sunday they found out the NYPD was trying to find them after their plight went viral online, and a friend reached out to them with a link. Despite the NYPD's tweet that the duo lost their ring as Drennan was proposing, the couple later clarified they had previously become engaged in Central Park.

"I just can't believe it!" Drennan said of the situation. "It’s been absolutely the craziest thing to have found out the NYPD got our ring back."

Officials with the city's Special Operations bureau tweeted on Sunday that it was thanks to Detectives Bucchignano and Glacken, of the city's Emergency Service Unit, that the rings were found, due to "their extra effort."

Anthony said she had no idea Drennan planned to propose to her during their trip to New York, during which they were celebrating their 10-year anniversary.

She said the moment the ring dropped her heart "sunk," and she "burst into tears" immediately. "I literally hit the deck! I only had it on for a few short moments before it fell," Anthony added.

The couple thanked the NYPD for their help on Twitter. Daniella wrote they "will never forget how much effort you went to. Love New York," while John said he hopes the pair can have a "few cold beers [with police] when we come back to NYC! We are completely overwhelmed and you will definitely get a mention at our wedding."

"The NYPD went above and beyond for us, we couldn't be more elated and grateful," Drennan told Fox News. "Once we get the ring back, it will be the closing chapter of this, and then we can move on to the beginning of the next."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.