Confederate flag maker reportedly sees sales increase after Charlottesville

Alabama Flag & Banner, a company that makes Confederate flags, has reportedly seen an increase in sales since last week’s protest in Charlottesville, Va., reported.

“Everybody’s got a different reason (for buying),” Belinda Kennedy, the company’s owner, told the website. “By and large, I think people are afraid they may not be able to get it one day.”

Kennedy is aware of the controversy surrounding the flag. She told the paper that she is a self-avowed Daughter of the Confederacy, but not a crusader for the cause. She said groups like the KKK “hijack the flag.”

“Does anybody really think by taking down monuments and renaming mountains and taking down Confederate flags, that we are really going to see racism end? That’s not going to fix it,” she said. “That comes from inside people.”

Kennedy told the paper that she has received over 100 orders in one day and orders continue to arrive. The flags can cost between $93 and $200, but account for only a fraction of her business.

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