California teen to graduate high school with perfect attendance - since kindergarten

A California high school senior is weeks away from an unprecedented feat in her city: she has never, ever, missed school — not even in kindergarten.

Mareiya Gonzales, 17, is making headlines with his unbeatable 2,336th consecutive day of school, coupled with 4.07 grade-point average at Pittsburg High School, northeast of Oakland.

But she says it is no big deal.

“You’re supposed to go to school,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s nothing special.”

Not surprisingly, Gonzales’ immaculate record has roots in two hardworking parents that want to see her thrive. Maggie Gonzales, the mom, works as a security officer at the school.

“If you miss a day of school,” Mareiya said, “it’s gone forever. Every one of them is important. There’s something new every day.”

According to the Chronicle, perfect attendance is something of a tradition in the Gonzales family. Mareiya’s younger sister Magdalena has managed to make it through the sixth grade without missing any school days. Alexa, the middle sister, was stricken by a strong virus a few years ago and was bedridden for four days.

Mareiya said that the handful of times she hasn’t felt 100 percent for a full day school, she just “sweated it out.”

“Mareiya’s got follow-through,” Principal Todd Whitmire said. “She’s got what it takes to carry forward in life.”