California deputies make arrest in robbery of lemonade stand

A Southern California man has been charged with knocking over a lemonade stand and stealing $30 from two intrepid 13-year-old entrepreneurs.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office apprehended the man minutes after the robbery on a Riverside block and recovered the money, MyFoxLA reported late Thursday.

The girls were selling lemonade when they were approached by Santini Tate, 18, of Riverside, authorities said. The station said that according to the Riverside Press-Telegram he reportedly told the girls he had no money; they gave him lemonade without asking him to pay.

Tate began to walk away, but came back, pushed over the lemonade stand and grabbed the girls’ pink and turquoise money box, officials said, according to the station.

The brother of one of the girls chased the suspect and managed to retrieve the cash box, which had been emptied, authorities said.

A sheriff deputy sent to investigate spotted Tate and arrested him.

Detectives believe Tate may be linked to a series of petty crimes in the area on the same day.

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